amazing custom apparel


Spin11’s mission is simple “produce amazing custom apparel that will enhance our customers sporting experience no matter what”, and to do so in the simplest most efficient way possible. We have worked closely with all of you- our customers- to understand your needs, wishes and  pains related to ordering club kit. We have always listened and focused on offering you a solution - a pain free ordering process, delivery always on time, and high quality .

And since 2013-when we started supplying race kit for the Irish national Team and Cycling Ireland, we have developed and tested every garment in the wind tunnel so we continuously deliver the fastest and most technologically advanced and comfortable range.



Our philosophy is built upon four key pillars, ones that help guide our company culture and decision making, in pursuit of our mission.



We are dedicated to our cause which is simple, create the best products and service for our customers who are our inspiration. We are a team of cyclists, triathletes and runners, we challenge ourselves and know how important it is to have apparel that aids your performance and enhance your experience, not something that creates another obstacle to overcome.



Time is precious, balancing work, family and free time can be challenging, we know you love riding bikes and running as much as we do, thats why our online ordering process is designed to be as fast and efficient as possible and we will keep you informed every step of the way.



Our customers are our biggest advocates and we always want to hear from you. We take pride in our garments and we want you to enjoy them. Of course getting great reviews makes everything worth while, but equally in the unlikely event something is not quite right we want to know. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction, we don't shy away we are always here to help.



We work tirelessly in combination with our factories to produce high quality great looking products inspired by our community. We continually seek to improve as technology and fabrics evolve. We challenge ourselves and ask the difficult questions so you don't have to. Success to us is customer satisfaction in everything we do. Wear our clothing with confidence in the knowledge we are obsessed in the pursuit of perfection for you.


Having the confidence of our customers is everything to us, you are our biggest advocates and we are here only to serve you. We understand the time pressures most people face in the pursuit of work and lifestyle balance.

Spin11 continually seek to improve our systems and process’s to ensure we provide you with the best products and service possible, we don’t shy away if something is not as it should be, we are here to fix it.



At Spin11 we very much see ourselves as part of the community we serve. We work with athletes of all levels, from Kids and beginners, to Elite athletes that represent their country, from start up clubs to national federations, from event organisers to corporations.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our community sharing their adventures and telling stories of the of the challenges ahead and those they have conquered.

We all have one thing in common, a passion for the outdoors and the unknown, some of us are racers, some are enthusiasts, we all know the often unsung hero’s who endlessly devote their spare time to encourage others, organise events and spins.

This is a lifestyle, a calling that brings like minded people together to share in the fun and create memories that last a lifetime.

The obstacles we meet and overcome are character building and shape us into the explorers we are.

Spin11 are dedicated to providing our community with the best apparel possible that will enhance your experience and keep you comfortable and performing all day everyday no matter what the conditions.

Whether your churning out hundreds of miles, grinding up a touch technical off road climb in anticipation of the descent the other side. Maybe your in pursuit of your personal best at a triathlon or running race, or perhaps like most of us, just out having fun. Regardless of your endeavours our mission is the same.


Since we developed and tested every garment in the wind tunnel, we continuously deliver our promise and the fastest, and most comfortable range. Your feedback is important to us, the information we receive from all of our community, feed into the learnings that help us so to continually improve our products and introduce new ones that have the utility to aid you even more.

We work with all levels of Athletes and want to hear what each and everyone has to say, after all we are all unique and have a different point of view, we seek out common themes and work closely with our factories.

Over time this approach has helped us to create a range of products to suit every type of athlete no matter what the intended use, and we aren't stopping there, keep an eye for updates on some great new products we have coming to market.


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