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choosing the right cycling jersey

with Spin11

                                                                                                                                      Selecting the right cycling jersey is very important.

Wear an Aero race jersey in winter and you'll freeze; wear a long sleeve roubaix jersey in summer and you'll cook. You need to get the correct balance. You also have to consider the type of fit you are looking for. Do you want a race cut jersey or a practical everyday leisure for jersey?

Our cycling apparel is produced in Europe and we have completed many years of research and development on product materials, aerodynamics, clothing fits and we are constantly evolving the brand. We even supply the elite Irish National Team for the past six years so you know you're in good hands, but it's important to choose what works best for you.

Choosing the correct jersey will allow you to have a much better experience out on your bike. We want everyone to enjoy the time on the bike and be comfortable so we have created this simple step by step guide for choosing the right cycling jersey.
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Choosing the right fit for your body

Getting the right jersey fit for your requirements is the first and most important step. Everyone has a different opinion about what they want in a cycling jersey. Varying body shapes and sizes must be taken into account. At Spin11 we keep things simple, we have two fits for our jerseys - Leisure fit (for all day comfort and club rides) and Race fit (for those who prefer that snug aero fit) Both fits are suitable for small and large people, but it's about how the jersey is cut and ultimately what your personal preference is.

Leisure Fit - All day comfort 

The leisure fit is slightly more relaxed of the two styles. These jerseys are designed to be relatively form fitting but supremely comfortable on and off the bike. if it's a Sunday club ride for that elusive coffee and cake or just commuting on a daily basis then this is the jersey for you.

Made from highly technical, breathable fabrics which helps hug the body, the leisure fit is not too tight but not extremely loose either. This range of jerseys is aimed at everyday cycling and club riders. With the slightly more relaxed fit at the waist using silicone elastic compared to the race fit, if you're a commuter or racking up the kilometres on your weekend club spin then this range is the comfiest.

Race Fit - For those chasing that winning edge

It takes a certain type of person to wear a race fit jersey, it isn't for the faint hearted. The majority of riders won't slip into a race fit jersey without some skills and flexibility. The fit across the shoulders is very aggressive and the front panel can be much shorter than the back depending on the specific jersey. At the end of the day, it isn't designed to be standing bolt upright in front of the mirror with a pair of jeans on. You are going to look and feel ridiculous but once on the bike, riding hard in an aero tuck position and it all makes complete sense. Race fit jerseys are almost like having a second skin, if you can do the zip fits!


The weather

All our ranges are available with a short and long sleeve option

Dry Conditions

Dry, Warm or Hot - If the conditions are to be dry then it's a much easier choice. You can essentially look out the bedroom window as a guide. Here we would recommend the short sleeve jersey in any of our ranges and you'll be safe.

Changeable Conditions

Wet, Cool or Cold - Once the cold kicks in, or worse which is an all too regular thing here in Ireland it becomes a more difficult decision choosing the right jersey before you leave you leave the comfort and warmth of home. Here, we believe the long sleeve roubaix jersey is your go to. This style jersey will keep you comfortable and warm on those colder days.

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When choosing your cycling jersey, the design is a huge deciding factor. You may think that colour or pattern is a silly, minor thing to consider when choosing a jersey, however, it's quite important. If you don't like the design or colour you will be far less inclined to wear it. It may not match your other items of kit for example. It may be a bit too loud for your taste so make sure it's a design and colour you like and would be happy to show off on the road.

These are the main steps to take and ultimately the most important when choosing your cycling jersey. Lots to consider there I know but this is where Spin11 can make life easier for you. We have a wide selection available from our online web store or better yet, get in touch today and send an email to and get your very own jersey of choice designed and produced. Don't settle for second best and get some Spin11 kit today.